June 20th, 2003

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I saw the previews for Tomb Raider 2 when I saw the italian job, and, despite what I'd thought, it actually doesn't look too bad. And this is coming from a straight female, so I'm not just talking about Angelina. ;-)

So the new Harry Potter book comes out soon. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I read the first 3 in like a week, and I've been in the middle of the 4th for about 2 years now. I should probably finish it sometime. But anyway, my question is this. The first book was about 300 pages. When they made it into a movie, they left SO MUCH out. How the hell are they going to manage to turn an 800 page book into a movie? They should do part one and part two or something.
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ARGH. I hate people. Namely little 10 year old fuckheads who sit in front of me in the theatre who think it's funny to throw popcorn back at me and then giggle to each other during the goddamn movie. And their fucking dads who stick up for them. But yay for the curious hot guy behind me.

And the fucking people who work at the theatre who can NEVER seem to figure out how to position the picture on the screen. Every fucking time I go there, the picture's offcenter, disproportioned, or both. Tonight, the damn microphones were in the top of every shot, and everyone was short and fat (I spotted a lightswitch plate that was square. A pay telephone was damn close to being square too).

FUCK! I swear, I'm never going to that goddamned theatre again. But that sucks because they're the only one in town. Oh well, that's what 2for1 movie rentals are for, right? ;-)
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Bishop Carlton Pearson, a Charismatic minister, is the founder of the Azusa Interdenominational Fellowship of Christian Churches and the pastor of Higher Dimensions Family Church in Oklahoma. Pearson preaches the "gospel of inclusion," a controversial doctrine claiming that Jesus Christ saves all people no matter what their beliefs or actions.

Haha...that's stupid. What's the point of that? As someone on the message board put it, "God did not send his one and only son to this hell of an earth to die on the cross so you could live your life of sin and still go to heaven."

Oh well, at least I'm atheist. :-D
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Me: Do you know who goldfinger is?
Lauren: Kinda
Me: They're coming to abq
Lauren: Yeah, I heard that on the radio.
Lauren: No, wait, that was unwritten law
Lauren: I think.

Hmmm...anyone know anything about this? I cant find any sites, even ticketmaster says that UL's not on tour at all.

And yes, I've given in and believe it about GF now. That's just SO weird they're coming exactly a year from the last time they were here. I wish I knew who's opening.
I was watching Jay Leno, and some model was on. Oh my god, she was so annoying. She'd drive me crazy if I met her in person.