June 22nd, 2003

hell's kitten

smoke weed....get drunk...and fuck

RHCP was fun. No opening bands. Snoop Dogg went on first. I was disappointed I didnt get to see Left Unsaid. I'll have to find out why they didn't show up. The Mars Volta was supposed to be there too.

Coming in the first gate, they asked me if my camera was digital, and i said yes (which I later regretted), and they almost made me put it back in my truck, but when they called over someone else to take a look at it, she said even though it was digital, it was fine. They just didnt want super-professional ones with zoom lenses and stuff.

They didn't tear my ticket, they just scanned it. So I still have my whole ticket. I've never had that done before.

They took out the chairs out of the front section, which was where we were. I wasn't sure if they would or not, since they didn't at matchbox 20, but they did. So it was a good thing we got there an hour and a half before it was scheduled to start. I was one person behind during snoop, and at the very front, against the barricade during rhcp. So I still have yet to go to a concert and sit down. :-)

Snoop's set wasn't too bad. I'm still confused about why he paired up with rhcp as tourmates, but whatever. They sprayed almost an entire bottle of champagne on the crowd, so my hair's sticky now, but that's okay.

RHCP was decent. They only talked to the crowd maybe once, and that was John. Anthony was seriously pissed off the entire night. He still sang well, but something was bothering him. He just stormed off stage a couple times and flea and john did some solo stuff to make up for it.

Wow, the security guards were complete assholes. Someone next to me caught a drumstick during the first few songs, and then during the encore, she dropped it, and when she told the guard, he just smiled, put it in his back pocket and walked off. He gave me shit about my camera, but gave up when I lied and said it wasn't digital (learning from my experience at the gate). I like the sunshine guards. I can't wait for goldfinger.

Most of my pictures came out blurry. I need a new camera. And when I didnt use the flash, the chili peppers all glowed (like in that pic I posted). Out of the 140 pictures I took, I only kind of like these 10:
hell's kitten

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I'm reading over my previous entry and trying to figure out if there's any pattern as to when I capitalize and when I don't. I never think about it...it just happens. I don't see a pattern....do you?
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EllieLikeWhoa is now directly connected.
EllieLikeWhoa: yeah. i just thought that was funny
O o phyxius o O: LOL!!
EllieLikeWhoa: iwish they really sold it
O o phyxius o O: haha...yeah, it'd fly off the shelves
EllieLikeWhoa: i wonder where the buy a little tiny gun small enough for barbie
EllieLikeWhoa: it would. thats the scary part
O o phyxius o O: i know i'd buy it...
EllieLikeWhoa: oh me too