June 29th, 2003

hell's kitten

he's baaaaaaaack!

Jason [1:29 AM]: what up?
O o phyxius o O [1:29 AM]: i hear you're back in abq
Jason [1:29 AM]: I'll be here for a little while
Jason [1:30 AM]: I gotta new band too. we play the launch on july 17. brb
O o phyxius o O [1:31 AM]: who else is in the band?
Jason [1:34 AM]: arty from falling process and jeremy from left unsaid
O o phyxius o O [1:35 AM]: so you guys just get together when you're here?
O o phyxius o O [1:35 AM]: what's the name of it?
Jason [1:36 AM]: yeah basically. we'll see where it takes us, we're calling it Invisible Music

And of course it has to be the day after warped....
hell's kitten

(no subject)

California is looking very probable for college. That's as far as I've narrowed it down.
I'm having to make decisions about my choices now. Ugh. I dont want to do this.
I cant make it in anywhere anyway, and if I do, I'll just fail out. I cant do anything.
Psh, fuck.

My request for you: Give me names of colleges/universities that I should look up. I don't know where to start.
hell's kitten

Awesome song. Not just the lyrics, either.

There's nothing a god can give to me that I can't give to myself
I put my beliefs in the things I believe and a god can take care of himself
There's not enough love in the world for me to think about wasting my time
It's not that I don't believe at all but I don't need a heavenly sign
I can achieve the things I need without getting down on my knees
I can respect your religion but I don't want to pay your fees
I don't want to hear you talk about the things you think that I need
so don't help me back on my feet again until you can hear me plead
Just look in the holy book of crooks and tell me what you can find
All the rules and the regulations made to manipulate your mind
Don't pretend that you're blind just open your mind and study historical times
The bigger the loss the bigger the cost the bigger the cross and its crimes

I don't believe in a god that I need to worship
I don't believe that I need to get down on my knees
I don't believe that a voice from above can help me
I only believe in what I can see and the things that I can achieve

Whatever belief you belong to there's still always a reason to doubt
and there's always another opinion as to what life is all about
There's always a bigger dimension and a different point of view
so I don't want to try to change you that decision is up to you
Whatever your final choice is and however you choose to live

You'd better be happy for what you can get and happy for what you can give
There's only one thing to remember there is only one thing you can do
and that is to do unto others as you'd have others do unto you


Two sides two sides to every story
two stories more makes four new ones to choose
Four sides four sides to every story
four stories more makes eight new ones to choose
Eight sides eight sides to every story
eight stories more now which one should you choose
now which one can you use

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