July 12th, 2003

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There's nothing on tv at 4am, so I found myself watching the bible channel. It was a kids show, with puppets, and the whole half hour (or so) was about how you're supposed to get up early. "Joy comes in the morning!!" and how god just cant wait to see you get up and the first thing you do is pray. Like I said, it was a kids show, so it was extremely cheesy, and I suppose the message is just to help parents get their kids up for school. "Don't you dare say you're not a morning person! That's insulting to God!" They said they didnt want people to waste the morning sleeping, but in that case, what about the night? You're all just wasting nighttime! You could be praying instead! I have an idea! How about we just stay up 24 hours a day and use all that time to pray! YEAH!

Hmph...time for saved by the bell now.
hell's kitten

I'm not responsible for my 5am ramblings

In my dreams, I never realize I'm dreaming. I wish I did, though, then I could feel more free. Well, there have been times when I realize it, but in those cases, I'm half awake, so not only do I have control over myself, I have control over every little thing in my dream, like other people, and then I'm thinking too hard and I wake myself up.

But last night, I went to bed around 530, and woke up around noon, so I didnt get much sleep. I accidentally took a nap around 3, and I finally realized I was dreaming in my dream, and it worked. It was such an awesome dream, but the details I won't disclose here. I wish I could do that more often. I was dreaming pretty much the whole time I was asleep too, which was cool. Maybe I'll try to do the same tomorrow. I'll be going to bed around 5 or 6 tonight anyway, so I'll make myself get up at noon (Mom'd make me anyway) and then I'll have to take a nap...

I wish I could just stay up all the time and just nap periodically throughout the day and night. That'd be awesome.

hell's kitten

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It rained yesterday. It's 73 degrees right now. I wish the weather right now could hold on for a week and move a little south. Las Cruces needs to be rained on on the 16th.

sjh3585....that water picture's my background now. :-D
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