July 14th, 2003

hell's kitten

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You'll never guess what happened with Goldfinger

'Twas cancelled.

Fuck the heat. Goldfinger's bus overheated and they're stranded in AZ. FUCK!

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean instead.

I was so pissed off about GF, but hey, johnny depp in eyeliner...yum...:-)

And I did get my new camera. woo!
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hell's kitten

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Today's a good day.

Mom's letting me stay overnight with Celeste and her friend Vanessa in Las Cruces so we don't have to drive back that night (from warped).

I got my job today. I'll be working at Macey Center doing desk work, computer work, and setting up the stage for events. YAY! I couldn't've asked for a better job. And my hours are 1 - 5pm. :-)