July 22nd, 2003

hell's kitten

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I'm pretty much done burning my mp3s, and I was telling my mom that I wasnt going to bother with the Unwritten Law ones, because I'd downloaded all those from their website. "But who owns the copyright?" (she was telling me that since the band themselves doesn't always own the copyright (the label, etc might), they could come after me regardless of what the band agrees to). "It doesnt matter, mom, if it's on their official, site, it's fine." "But what if -- " "It doesnt matter!! If they're allowing people to download the songs from THEIR website, they cant sue me for having them!!" "Well, you never know..." FDSAFIDSHFISJKKLJSAFD!!! Damn, she frustrates me so much sometimes.

I now have 55 songs on my hard drive, and that includes 14 (unreleased) something corporates, 28 (unreleased) unwritten laws, and about 10 other random ones that I havent burned just because 10 songs isn't enough for a cd.
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