January 27th, 2004

hell's kitten

See Dick Drink. See Dick Drive. See Dick Die. Don't Be a Dick.

That was way too goddamn easy.

During French today, Whitney, Emmy and I decided that since we'd finished our work and that was our last class of the day, we should just leave instead of sitting around bored until the bell rings. It was still a half hour until the end of class, but still, we were done. So we asked our teacher and convinced him to let us go. The principal was standing in the hallway as we passed by. He waved. We went out to our cars and I started to leave the parking lot. The gate guard, who is there to prevent skippers, said: "you guys are leaving early today." "yep," I signed out like normal and drove off with Whitney and Emmy on their way out right behind me. The gate guard let them go too.

That should'nt've been that easy.