July 4th, 2004

hell's kitten

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i made meself a pot of tea, set up my portable cd player with minispeakers and i'm sitting in the kitchen waiting for fireworks to start, at which point i'll move my setup to the living room where I'll have a great view, as long as the fog's not too bad. I've figured out how to use AIM on this mac that I'm not used to - but quickly figuring out and have just personalized the way I like it. I did a couple chores around the house earlier while I was waiting for my brother to call and I'm happy. People dont understand how I can be happy by myself at home especially on the 4th of july but i am. sure it's fun to get out, but i can be just as content alone. comes from being raised as an only child most of my life, i suppose. i'm glad, too. I'm glad I dont have to rely on being around others to be happy. tonight, just a whole bunch of little things that I've accomplished (chores, computer, cat, tea, etc) have put me in the best mood.

The cat of the house just jumped on my lap for the first time. :-) I'll admit, this isnt how I expected to be spending tonight, but it's fun. It's funny how a cat's approval can mean so much. Especially this one's. She's very.... weird. All cats are, though, I suppose. I had trouble even getting close to her without her hissing at me for a while when I first got here a week ago, until I started feeding her. For a while she was only nice to me when she wanted food. then tonight...maybe it's the noise that scared her into my lap, though she didnt really seem that scared. Now the big fireworks have probably started but I'm still in the kitchen because I dont want to disturb her....
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