August 2nd, 2004

hell's kitten

hubba hubba zoot zoot

I have like 3000 songs on random. First comes on San Francisco by the alkaline trio. Then Feel Like Makin Love by goldfinger. Then San Berdu by the Vandals. Then Haushinka. Hahaha,....

You know how when you're imagining doing something in the future, you subconciously know if it's actually going to happen or if you're just making it up. I just had a realization about how different it makes it when you look at it from the other perspective.

I can actually use Winamp now!!

Summer of '02, Goldfinger played an Abq show. The next summer, they planned another show for Abq but oops! Their tour bus/van overheated the day before the show (driving across Arizona in June? No...) and the postponed the show... and they never came back. Grrr....

Suthers said federal agents are not targeting medical marijuana users. But he said that once agents find marijuana, they won't give it back. That's because, unlike state law, federal law doesn't recognize marijuana as having medicinal value.
Why the fuck not? We've proved it enough times. Grr. I hate the whole state vs federal law thing with this. Could you imagine if all the states legalized medicinal marijuana but it was still illegal. This country is just too fucked up sometimes.

I can be that bold, dammit.

I love this song.
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hell's kitten

And this from an atheist..

If I was God, I'd be pissed at the uber-religiots for spending 1/7th of their life thanking me for the life that they're wasting. I created that life for a reason and it wasn't to thank me for its own existance. I wouldn't care if people knew or believed I existed, as long as they showed their appreciation by being happy and and letting others be happy too. That's all. Just peace. Live and let live. The people who made that happen in some way, big or small, would be rewarded.

Maybe that's just me...

I really think that someone in this house is awake each hour of the day.