September 21st, 2004

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The world has just decided to not cooperate with me today.

I had the fucking hardest time trying to get a new password for my voicemail. First of all, I'm not even used to needing a password. With my old phone, if I called from it, I didn't need the password. I only needed it when you called from other phones, which I never did anyway. So anyway, since getting my new phone, I've barely used it, because my only actual friends are the ones I've made on my floor, so a phone's not really necessary. But I've been making other friends, and so I got a voicemail last night and couldn't get it because it was the second time I'd used it and I'd forgotten the password I set a month ago.

So I called the help line or whatever, and they asked for a PIN which I have no idea about. So they said my mom needs to call in since it they'd had to put it in her name since I'm not 19 (Canadian adult). So I called back as my mom and gave them for confirmation: a billing address, the cell number, a home number, a birthday..... BUT they ALSO needed my mom's driver's license number which I didnt happen to have memorized so I couldn't get it. So I had to call my mom and ask her to call them back, give all the info and the license number, get the pin, and reset my voicemail password.

To add to all this frustration, while running inside and outside (documents inside, cell phone doesnt work inside), I managed to lock my keys in my room for the first time of the year. That wasn't a hard problem to solve, the office has duplicates of every room for that very reason, but it meant more running around (literally).

My email keeps telling me I have new mail, but I don't. It just randomly decided to trick me into thinking I have mail, and in about an hour or so, it'll stop. It's done this once or twice before.

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Ah, see? Writing that whole post was time enough for my fucking mailbox to realize there's no new mail.
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