September 26th, 2004

hell's kitten

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That was fucking exciting.

The first time the smoke alarm goes off in my building and it's my fault. All 5 floors were evacuated because our stupid fucking microwave is too goddamn strong. Or retarded. I swear I didn't even do anything wrong. I was in our floor's lounge where the microwave/refrigerator/sink/tv is. I opened the noodles, put water in, put it in the microwave like I've done a million times. Set it for 2 minutes (they recommend 4). I turned my attention to the tv, then smelled smoke and burning and I turn around and there's a goddamn fire in the microwave. I stopped the microwave. From reading one of the "How to survive college" books I'd gotten, I knew not to open the door, and that the fire would use up all the oxygen and burn itself out. Which is what happened. However, they're not fire alarms, they're smoke alarms. Which went off when, after being sure the fire was out, I opened the door and all the contained smoke was contained no longer. A mistake I won't ever make again. I'll let someone else figure out how to deal with it. Several minutes later the fire truck got here, they went in, and I really have no idea what they spent the 15-20 minutes or so doing, since we knew and told them why it went off. They put a fan at the entrance of the building, and it appeared to be trying to suck the smoke out, but I really dont think it had a significant effect on that. They didnt even remove the container of halfburnt, halfraw noodles. Psh. It sucks when you combine a superpowerful microwave with a floor (basement) with very little ventilation. There are windows, but only in the rooms (not the lounge) and of course all the rooms are closed. So it's basically a sealed floor. Gee, that's smart.

I'm going to get teased for this, I know. But IT WASN'T EVEN MY GODDAMNED FAULT!!!

And now, not only am I fucking paranoid about using microwaves again, it doesn't matter because that one is now unusable. I wonder if I'll have to pay for it.

Now I have to go find something for dinner that doesn't need microwaving which is going to be fucking hard.

I'm just glad the sprinklers didnt go off.