October 16th, 2004

hell's kitten

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You know what the funniest thing about Canada is?
It's the little differences. They got the same shit here they got over there, but here it's... a little different.
You know what they call Girl Scout cookies?
They dont call em Girl Scout cookies?
Nah, man. Girl Scouts are just in America. They wouldn't know what the fuck a Girl Scout was.
Well what do they call em?
They call em Girl Guide cookies.

Yep. I bought Girl Guide cookies today. Exactly like you'd expect. They had a table set up in front of a business and stopped me as I was walking down the street and asked if I wanted to buy some. I had to. I don't know why it amused me so much. They only had one kind but that's perfectly okay with me because they're exactly like thin mints but with a layer of white mint stuff inside. MMmmmmmmm.......

And it's true. Everything's just slightly different. KitKats come in different packaging and the chocolate tastes different. I can't think of any more examples right now but there's lots.

That makes me think.... I should go into a McDonald's and see what's on the menu... :) They're supposed to be metric, but like I noted before, they're not exactly consistent.