November 26th, 2004

hell's kitten

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It bothers me that there's not another name for people from the United States that differentiates from Canada. The term used is Americans, but Canadians are part of America too. But we can't be called... Unitedians or Unitedese or something. We should take on a completely different name... like how people from the Netherlands are called Dutch. Well actually, we have that too. We're called yanks. Outside of the US, "yank" isn't region specific. But I don't like that, since I'm not used to that defintion, and it's hardly used anyway. Everyone uses "American". So if it doesn't bother the Canadians, I guess it shouldn't bother me. But still.

I think an important indicator of how well a country's doing in general is how many citizens are proud to be from their country. In the US, with few exceptions, whether or not you're proud to be an American largely depends on your party affiliation. In Canada, everyone likes being Canadian regardless of which party they agree with. No one's "ashamed to be Canadian" - that's laughable. Psh. Other than that whole "blame canada" craze a few years ago.