February 9th, 2005

hell's kitten

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Someone just tried to steal my LJ password.


Anyone wanna help me track this ISP address? Or rather, do it for me?
hell's kitten

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put your playlist on random. what are the first 10 songs?

1. sublime - caress me down
2. beautiful creatures - wasted
3. lostprophets - last train home
4. audioslave - i am the highway
5. afi - kungfu devil
6. afi - self pity
7. eve 6 - girlfriend
8. kmfdm - search & destroy
9. sublime - garden grove
10. left unsaid - jayne
Fashion police becomes a reality

I have mixed reactions to this. On one hand, it's kinda funny. On the other, it's fucked up that people think they should have that kind of power over people.