April 20th, 2005

hell's kitten

reverse culture shock

So I get back to New Mexico and the first local headline I see is School Bus, Salsa, Speedbumps Don't Mix. Ah, it's good to be home. ;)

And it is, too. It's good to be home. Not so much that I like things more here, it's just that everything's familiar. No more using .ca instead of .com. No more weird dollar coins. 505 instead of 604. People know how to pronounce things like Joaquin and Bernalillo. The buildings are in general, shorter, meaning you can see farther without buildings in the way. It's not cloudy all the time - and therefore you can see stars more often (and more of them at a time). Everything's brown and turquoise. I can stop feeling weird about deciding whether to say pop or soda. The French on things in stores is replaced by Spanish. My mom said Torres and I thought she said Taurus. I'll still hear the word "essay" but with a completely different meaning.

I notice a lot more differences about Canada coming back home than when I lived there.

But I did have a bunch of fun in Van and I'll really miss the four friends I got closest to - none of which are returning to ubc... i'll have to start all over again in the social scene next year. Well, i did make a shitload of aquaintances and several sorta-friends, so I won't be totally alone.

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