May 9th, 2005

hell's kitten

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I havent used my iPod in over a month. Yes, very sad. It's because I can't charge it, and the battery is dead, so I cant connect it to a computer long enough to get songs off of it. The reason I cant charge it is because something in the ipod part of the plug is loose. I'm sure it just needs to be refastened somewhere or something. Or if it can't be fixed, I just want some way to get the songs off the ipod and onto another player/a computer/some cds/etc.

Here's the deal. With as many self-proclaimed (and proud) geeks/nerds/techies/all of the above that I know, I'm hoping that someone could probably help me out here, or knows someone who could. Hell, I'd be halftempted to try to fix it myself but I wouldnt know where to begin. I'd love to watch someone fix it, anyway. I'm in New Mexico now, will be in San Francisco in a month, and will be in Vancouver in 3 months. Those are pretty much the three groups of people on my friends list, so yeah, responses would be appreciated.