July 6th, 2005

hell's kitten

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I love my life. I have had the best past few days ever. Yesterday, at Death Guild, I won a Wonka prize package. It included a bouncy ball. I love bouncy balls. Bouncy bouncy. Oh yeah, and tickets to the advance screening - in imax. :) And random guys wanted to talk to me. While I didnt necessarily want to talk to them, that never fails to boost the ego. And I got complimented on my dancing - and it wasnt a line - which I still don't comprehend, but whatever. Damn, I was giddy last night. Today, at my first real day of work at the Internet Archive, I was asked to train someone to do what I had only spent one day doing. I love that I can pick up computer stuffs easily and quickly. And I love that that gets recognized. I'm going to like that job. $11/hr, 6 hrs/day (at least), 5 days/wk, for at least three weeks. After work, I went to my Berkeley theatre thing, where they basically turned over the entire lighting design to me. The guy who I thought I was going to be working under/with called me boss. So I spent an hour deciding what colored lights should go where when while he set them up. Teehee. I like that job. I just hope I'll be able to continue going there as much as I can with this stupid fucking bart strike. So yeah, my life is going well. Oh yes, time spent with headhouse certainly helps too. :) I got about 3 hours of sleep last night and probably wont get more than 5 tonight. Do I care? No! *ahem* Um, no, those last two things arent related at all... Really they're not...

System of a Down - Sep 17 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum

Fuck. Yeah. And I will be able to drink! Legally!