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(no subject)

Jul. 8th, 2005 | 06:39 pm
music: Autolux - Great Days for the Passenger Element

If you flew in June of 2004 the Transportation Security Administration now has a file on you, amassing such passenger records as our names, phone numbers, and credit card info.Collapse )

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(no subject)

Jul. 8th, 2005 | 09:43 pm
music: billy idol - sweet sixteen

Gr. Why didn't I know about this before it was too late?

The hardest part about my IA job is resisting the urge to stop and read the books I'm scanning. They're just random books that libraries have given us, mostly ones that have been in their storage for 100 years. Encyclopedias, reference books, etc. Today, I learned that in 1919, there was a bill pending Congress to propose the calendar be rewritten to include 13 months of exactly 28 days. This would make each month exactly 4 weeks long. Every 1st would be a Monday, every 2nd would be a Tuesday etc. New Years Day would be an "independent" holiday, belonging to neither Dec nor Jan, coming between Dec 28 and Jan 1 - making the 365th day. And the leap day would be another independent day. The 13th month would be called either Liberty or Gregory, after Pope Gregory XIII, who developed the original calendar (the one we use now). This would make it easier to determine when all those "the first xday of this month" holidays actually were. Easter, Good Friday, etc.

Okay, the only thing about this is that there are no more Friday the 13ths. Friday is the 12th. Always. And I kinda like the thing about always having your birthday on a different day. I was born on a Wednesday. I dont think I would've liked it if my birthday was a Wednesday every fucking year. It was a Saturday this year. :) And what about Halloween? If they'd made it October 28th, it'd be a Sunday. Always. That sucks. Could you imagine if that actually had passed? Could you imagine growing up and living in a world where there was a month named Gregory? Or worse yet, Liberty?

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