July 14th, 2005

hell's kitten

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Is it just me or is "void where prohibited" redundant?

ASCII animation is kickass.

Polling in this country has degenerated almost entirely into a tool for describing consumer behavior, whether the brand names are Coke and Pepsi, or Democrats and Republicans.

[Bush] said the [London] bombs were proof of the need for an aggressive war on terror. - AREWJGJKDSFDKSLHK!!!!

Whatever he may be -- and it's worth saying this exactly at such a moment -- George Bush is simply not the representative of good. While holding up the banner of democracy, he and his men, experts in vote suppression and gerrymandering on their home turf, have created an ever less democratic, more intolerant, more police-ridden, more liberties-impaired America. That's simply their record on the ground. But after a while, as you watch the carnage from London to Baghdad, you say these things -- or write them -- and then you just throw up your hands in despair.
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