August 26th, 2005

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George Bush's Iraq invasion speech with retrospective commentary

Okay, what the fuck. 3 different friends of mine who are in completely different social circles and who I know have absolutely no communication between each other, have, in the past three days, pointed this out to me. I had actually first heard of it in June through my atheism community when the Kansas thing was going on. But I just think it's weird that all of a sudden three different people mentioned it in as many days, and didnt hear it from each other. That's the power of LJ for ya.

I bought an ipod. They "cant" fix my old one. Fuckers. They give a 10% student discount. To US students. Fuckers. They would give a 10% discount for me turning in my old one, so they can take it apart and use its parts to fix other peoples old ones. Fuck that. You want me to give you my obviously fixable (just not by me) ipod so you can dissect it for spare parts for someone else's? No. I'm keeping it. I will eventually figure out how to access that goddamn hard drive that's trapped inside. The warranty expired either this month or last, I cant remember exactly when I bought it and my receipt's in Vancouver. They can look it up in their records, but their records show I bought it in March last year. Bull-fucking-shit. I can not convey to you how big a lie that is. I know bought it July or August last year - I'm absolutely fucking positive it was not March. I was in NM until June last year and I bought it in San Fran. Whatever. It doesnt really matter, the warranty has probably expired anyway, but still. That gives me such confidence in Apple's record keeping skillz. I guarantee I will be protecting my new one's receipt like it's gold. Oh yeah, and I got a 60gb one for the same price I got my 20gb one for last year. And it's all colorful and pretty. But I would prefer having all the buttons be touchsensitive like my old one rather than actual physical buttons.

My friends are back in school now and I still have two more weeks. < ralph > Ha Ha! < / ralph>

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