September 17th, 2005

hell's kitten

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"P.C. liberals are such whiners. Just because right wing pundits tried to distract from Bush's failures during Hurricane Katrina by drumming up wild fantasies about getting all vigilante on some poor black people, it doesn't make them racist. Not in the slightest. In fact, they're quite eager to demonstrate how they're going to help the largely black and impoverished population of New Orleans that had to be evacuated in total chaos, by helping relieve them of their land so that it can be developed for wealthier folks. That way they don't have to worry their heads about ever coming home again."

"In a ruined city - still largely without power, stinking with piles of garbage and still 40 percent submerged; where people are foraging in the miasma and muck for food, corpses and the sentimental detritus of their lives; and where unbearably sad stories continue to spill out about hordes of evacuees who lost their homes and patients who died in hospitals without either electricity or rescuers - isn't it rather tasteless, not to mention a waste of energy, to haul in White House generators just to give the president a burnished skin tone and a prettified background?
Of course, it's taken [Bush] Junior only five years to learn how smart his old man was.

His father made the "mistake" of not conquering and occupying Iraq because he had the silly idea that Iraqis would resent it. His father made the "mistake" of raising taxes, not cutting them, and overly obsessing about the federal deficit. And his father made the "mistake" of hewing to the center, making his base mad and losing his bid for re-election."