September 30th, 2005

hell's kitten

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I was in line at the bookstore, and decided on an impulse buy: a chocolate bar. There were two kinds. One was a kind that I sorta like, but not my favorite, and one was a kind I'd never tried, but from the description, there was a chance I wouldn't like it at all, but then again, maybe I would. I chose the first one.

Now I'm here eating it, and analyzing myself. When given the choice between the familiar, but merely okay, and the unknown - possibly great, possibly not, I chose the safe one. That's what's wrong with me: I dont take chances. I'm not daring enough.

Or maybe being in school has just put me in the overanalytical mindset and chocolate's just chocolate.
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hell's kitten

no spoilers, dont worry

I saw Serenity. The theatre was packed, but I dont think it was quite sold out (though the middle/best 6 rows or so had no room for me, and I was only one). However, when I left, the lineup for the next showing was pretty damn long and it was still 45 minutes away.

First time I've been to a theatre where there's a KFC and Taco Bell right next to the popcorn stand

I saw the preview for Jarhead - looked pretty good. Domino looked pretty good too.

Yes, I loved it. I laughed, I cried. I laughed some more, I cried some more. "She's damaging my calm!" - I'm going to have to use that one. "You mean to say... ? Fuck this, I'm going to live!!!" *applause from the audience* - That was great, loved that one.

After that, I decided it was a waste to go home so early on a Friday night since I was already downtown, so I spent about an hour and a half in Starbucks reading. Bought two cups of black tea - I've almost used up my gift card that I got last xmas (the only reason I went there). Stayed and read in a really comfy chair until they closed at 11, now I'm home, tired (see, caffeine does nothing to me), and going to bed.
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