October 7th, 2005

hell's kitten

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So I tried that meme, googling "Serafina needs", and got only one result:
"Serafina needs more help; a food runner or table busser would have calmed things considerably." - in a review of a restaurant called Serafina. Not very interesting.

So I altered it.

Serafina wants to be allowed to marry. (the most common one - from a kid's book I used to have)
Serafina wants more syrup!
Serafina wants to be a man since she declares she cannot be a man "no lo puedo ser" - the next best thing is dressing like one.
Serafina wants to tie you to a photocopying machine and smear horseradish on your feet.
Serafina wants us to say what software we use.
Serafina wants an idea revolving around a peaceful way of learning about creatures.
Serafina wants to guide Lyra.