October 21st, 2005

hell's kitten

another reason i love canadia

So I saw Domino. I did like it, but that's not what this post is about. I realized something. The theatres here don't play advertisements. It's absolutely wonderful. Not even for the theatre, Coke, or the snack bar, let alone anyone else that felt like buying space. Occasionally there will be a spot to tell you to silence your phone, but that's it. Just preview, preview, preview, movie. That's it. It's gorgeous.

That's how it should be.
hell's kitten

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Aerial Burning Man picture:

I finished American Gods the other day. Loved it. Starting Stardust now. I never have time to actually sit down and read a book for fun. If I do, I should be reading a textbook instead. I end up getting all my reading done on buses and in lines. Which is fine, because it's a 30 min bus ride downtown. And I like pacing it out. When I finish a book in two days, it's almost like it's gone by too fast and I dont remember enough of it. Spaced out over a month, I get to relish it, stew over it, let it simmer.... (hm, why am I hungry now?)

This is the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing. I like it - simple but classy. In aubergine. I love that word.
hell's kitten

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I played around with the acting styles until it gave me a good cast. Not that this one's perfect, but it's better than the rest. And still hilarious.

If The Princess Bride was cast from your Friends List by chaz_lehmann
Preferred Acting Style
Inigo Montoyatwo_pi_r
Thuh Bishuhppsychopepsquad
The Six Fingered Mangloryfades
Miracle Maxxyphoidmax
This version would gross$9,560,641
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