November 11th, 2005

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Sony sued over copy-protected CDs - Sony BMG is facing three lawsuits over its controversial anti-piracy software.

Remedial Ethics - President Bush's staff finally gets a refresher course on ethics.

Bringing Home the Guard - With a proposed ballot initiative to prevent the deployment of Massachusetts National Guard troops to Iraq, a new coalition hopes to hold a national referendum on the war.

Bush Gives Management a Bad Name - Recently released emails from Michael 'Heckuva Job' Brown reveal how horrifically he bungled the Katrina response.

Failing Upward, Bush Style - In keeping with Bush's bass-ackwards management style, we present a gallery of the rogues, criminals and liars he has promoted or awarded for their grave mistakes.

Commander in Chic - Women audacious enough to seek political power are routinely dogged by gender-specific coverage that focuses on their looks, fashion sense and familial relationships.

Hacking the Subway - The law says you're allowed to look at the map online, but you're not allowed to create a digital version for your iPod.

Through the Back Door - While the FDA delays over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception, eight states are taking matters into their own hands.
- And New Mexico's one of the eight! :)
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