December 2nd, 2005

hell's kitten

god prefers an atheist

Deadheads Outraged Over Web Crackdown - The Grateful Dead's decision to stop a Web site from offering free downloads of its music has fans threatening to boycott the band's recordings.

Downloads of the Dead are Not Dead Yet - In the face of anger among its fans and divisions within the band itself, the Grateful Dead on Wednesday said it was reconsidering its decision to disallow downloads of the band's concert recordings from a large Internet archive.

The Mess We've Made in Iraq - Our ambassador to Iraq is the first adminstration official to own up to the Pandora's box we opened in Iraq, but says now they have a plan to fix it.

Woman has first face transplant - Surgeons in France have carried out the first face transplant, it has been revealed.

Eating Meat, Mindfully - It's not hypocrisy to eat meat while abhorring how animals are raised in this country; there is a better way to be a carnivore.

Men's Place - Norwegian scientists have discovered that male-dominated societies are doomed to extinction. What does this mean for feminism?

Good Drugs - Researchers discovered that chemicals from marijuana rejuvenate an area of the brain linked with learning.

Did Bush Really Want to Bomb Al Jazeera? - Given the very public temper tantrum Bush directed at the Qatar-based television network, it may not be 'outlandish' to believe he intended to bomb Al Jazeera.
--This is scary and it pisses me off.

Plan: We Win - A president who seems less in touch with reality than Richard Nixon needs to get out more.

A Man's Right to Choose - Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. didn?t go far enough on spousal notification.
--This is a tough issue, but the problem with "both parents getting a say" in an abortion decision is that if they disagree, one of the two will not get their way. It's not exactly something each person can come halfway on - "well, okay, let's compromise - I'll have half the baby and you can have it." Doesn't work. And since someone has to have the final say, it makes sense that it's the one who has to carry it for those nine months.

Man says he'll fight marijuana bust - Voter-approved law legalizing pot crux of Denver case
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