December 14th, 2005

hell's kitten

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Four down, one to go, and it's not for a week.

I spent literally all day yesterday studying psychology. I had an exam at 830, ate breakfast/lunch, then studied from 11am - 330am, with only a one hour break to watch Boston Legal at 10pm.

So can someone explain to me why I had dreams involving guns? First, I was at a bus stop in a really bad neighborhood, with people randomly pulling out guns and shooting each other, then once I got on the bus that I wasnt even sure was mine (and didnt really care at that point), we drove past a shooting range that wasn't exactly contained. Bullets came in the window, and no one seemed to care. No one got hit, and I wasn't scared, so much as puzzled and worried.

It just seems so very odd, because I spent the entire day studying about dreams, the different stages, why we dream what we do, about how sleep is when we process and store (or not) the day's events and information, about memory, about how we learn, about how you learn something the best if you go to sleep right after, so I did, and proceeded to have a very violent, yet surprisingly not scary dream.

But it doesnt matter, because I can finally relax! I can take a day and do nothing, which I havent been able to do in weeks. I havent picked up a book for entertainment in weeks. I'd just started Gregory Maguire's Lost. I'm going to go see Broken Flowers tonight with savage_penguin. It's showing at a different theatre than where I saw it last time, which means it must have done well there. :) Yay.
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