February 19th, 2006


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I had made a candle out of extra wax and a shot glass. It worked fine for quite a while, but I found out that it only works as long as you have the flame burning above the rim of the glass. Once it burns down and becomes more contained within it...

I picked up the glass, and the bottom half of it detached from the half I was holding, which I promptly dropped as well because it was so hot. So now I have two pieces of a shot glass - which, by the way, broke very cleanly into exactly two halves, no little shards at all - a slightly numb spot on my forefinger and thumb, and a red spot on my wrist from where the burning wax spilled on me. The spot kind of looks like a guitar, and kind of looks like an octopus with one really long arm.

It's one of those things I really should've thought through more beforehand, and wasn't really a surprise after it happened. Oh well, it was exciting, at least

Random fact for the day: the kegel muscle is the one dogs flex to wag their tails. That's why dogs can't wag their tails while they pee.