February 22nd, 2006

hell's kitten

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This is the summer that'll never come
It's like someone's holding on to the tail of the sun
I wanna waste time and walk the line
From my big routine to where I'm feeling alright

I know it's way too short, it rarely lasts too long
I'm just finding the floor, but when I look down, it's gone...
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    Stroke 9 - Tail of the Sun
hell's kitten

"love is not like anything - especially a fucking knife!"

Rhythm is the coolest word ever.

And rhyme.

I love those cool letter combinations.

Which is one of the reasons I chose my user name (okay, the main reason). "phyx" is a cool combination. It looks pretty and sounds neat. Four of the lesser used letters of the alphabet all together like that. It makes me happy. Sphynx... Asphyxia...

Yeah, the English nerd in me emerges occasionally.

Or maybe it's that it's 5am.
I'm up because I'm doing a philosophy paper. Really I am.... But discussing the morality of not giving to charities drains your brain after a while...

If I went to sleep now, I could still get almost six hours of sleep..
But not done yet... almost....

Brain-drain... hehe....
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    The Used - All That I've Got