March 7th, 2006

hell's kitten

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That was bizarre. I opened itunes so I could eject my ipod, and it said it didnt recognize my ipod and i'd have to reformat it. FUCK. So I ejected it from the taskbar, and it had kept one playlist but nothing else, which is about 900 songs out of 7000. Fuck. So I opened winamp to see what it told me, and it still had all my music on it. Quoi? I ejected it, and I still only had the one playlist. Plugged back in, winamp could play all 7000 songs off of it. Hmm. Okay, so they're still on my ipod, but it wont let me read most of them unless it's through winamp. So I ejected it using winamp and everything's back to normal. Ha! I win. Serafina 1, iTunes 0.

But now I'm scared to plug it back in.

I have no clue what the fuck is causing this. I tried using only winamp to eject, and that's when I first noticed the problem. I tried using only the taskbar to eject, and that didnt help. And now I've tried using only itunes to eject and that finally fucked me up too. Fuckers.