March 9th, 2006


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I came across this through a community, and got a bit irritated. I mean, I know I'm not as immersed in the goth scene as some people, but I dont think I can recall a single conversation about or mention of death and dying in my interactions with those who consider themselves "goth" or who are in the scene. It may be true that suicidal/depressed people and those obsessed with death turn to the goth culture (and even that might only be because of the stereotype), but that doesn't mean the vice versa is true.

I'm not looking for a "what is goth" flamewar - I just want to know what your reactions to the assumption that goth is "a sub-culture that *lives* with the trappings of funerals and death on daily basis" (hopefully that's not hypocritical of me).

On an amusingly related note, "goth" is the playlist that ipod has chosen to keep (hence my current music), which includes an incredibly diverse range of music and some that most people might not consider "goth" but fuck them, it's my playlist.
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