March 13th, 2006

hell's kitten

my memory lane is now paved

Every time I dont get to sleep (which is always because I'm busy rather than because I cant fall asleep), I am in a terrific mood the next day. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure at least part of it is the fact that it's always accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment and relief because the only reason I dont sleep is to get an assignment done. But I also think it's more than that. I'm not just happy about finishing an essay, I'm happy about life. The kind of mood where I just have a permanent smirk on my face all day. And the weather's gorgeous too. It's not a solid blue sky, but it is sunny. And I prefer some clouds to none. A solid blue sky with no clouds is nice, but is boring - the picturesque clouds scattered around just make the sky so much prettier. I love it. (quick shot i took a second ago)

The subject of this post is a lyric from a song that really struck me today, regarding Whitney. My memory lane is now paved. Things have been smoothed over, and it's more comfortable to revisit now. :)

Sopranos are back!! This is the one show I never fast forward the beginning credits. I love groovin to this song. HBO series always have such kick-ass soundtracks.

I talked to the adviser today. She basically said "follow your heart - you can always come back if you change your mind". So yeah, I'm 95% sure I'm moving to SF.
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