March 28th, 2006

the joke is

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I have to write an essay due next week on the meaning of life - in under two pages.
This should be fun. :D

Part of the assignment:
Some people have claimed that the story of Sisyphus is a metaphor for a meaningless life. In what important ways do normal human lives resemble the story of Sisyphus? In what important ways do normal human lives differ from it? Do you agree that Sisyphus' life in hell is meaningless? If you do, what do you think would need to change in order to give meaning to his life? What lessons, if any, can we learn from the story of Sisyphus about making our own lives more meaningful?

In writing your essay, you may want to touch on these questions, too: What exactly is the meaning of a life? How is meaning related to the value of a life? How is it related to the purpose of a life? What is the main thing about a normal person's life that seems to make it meaningless or absurd?

All that in no more than 600 words? This is one of those rare times I wish the limit was larger.