June 2nd, 2006

hell's kitten

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I've moved in.

The thing about moving in San Francisco is that there's always going to be hills or stairs (or both) involved. Yeezus, what a workout.

For the past five hours, I've been moving and unpacking, and I'm finally in my own room. It's the first time I've been able to settle into a place ever. A place I can make mine. A place I'm not planning on leaving any time soon. A place without an expiration date.

And the place is awesome. There's built-in shelves and drawers, plus there's a small-ish shelf lining the whole room. So I have more shelf space than I know what do with, and frankly, that's a problem I'm okay with having.

I still need a few things, like a bed, a desk, and a large rug, but I'm mostly here.

And I have a kitty at my feet meowing at me if I stop petting her for more than about five minutes. There will be pictures.

Life is good.

Almost every friend I have is either moving, getting married, or pregnant.
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