March 2nd, 2007

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I drove down the coast to Half Moon Bay this afternoon. It was the first time I've been on the freeway for any significant amount of time and it wasnt as scary as I'd psyched myself up for. 60 miles round trip.

I'm gonna go north tomorrow. Maybe up to Stinson beach.

Then I can finally go visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Napa valley.

Last week, the mechanic had said that the problem was most likely a bad starter motor, but since there was still a slim chance it was just the battery, and that's cheaper to fix, she'd replace the battery and see if that fixes things. If it didn't, she'll refund me the battery (!!!) and replace the starter motor. That was a week ago - Fri Feb 23 - and she's been fine since. She's started up every single time. I cant believe I just needed a new battery. That's it. The battery I'd had was new, and I had been told time and time again that there was nothing wrong with the battery. Then I replace the battery and she's fine. I'm still wary, which is why it's taken me a week to mention any of this, but so far... *crosses fingers*.
Today is my LJ's fifth birthday. 5. Five years. Wow.

Whoa... Just checked my archive for my earliest entries and was reminded of my old website... Whoa... I havent updated it in four years, when I was 16. I havent even thought about it in that long. It mostly just has pictures I took at concerts, many of which have disappeared, but there are still several pages that just arent linked to, and they have some interesting stuff. Whoa... I should probably do something with that.
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