March 16th, 2007

hell's kitten

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The world looks so much bigger when it's not framed by a windshield.

Today, being the only free day I have had or will have in several weeks, I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and drove this. I didn't actually stop at the places listed, that's just the only way I could get it to show the right route. I did stop in Felton, though, and ate with Nick, which was cool - I hadnt seen or talked to him in months. Google maps says that would take 4 hours, but including the hour I spent in Felton and all the time spent backtracking after making a wrong turn (which happened at least three or four times), it took me seven hours.

I have now ridden my first thousand miles on my bike. :D

Now I'm going to collapse and watch Long Way Round, which is basically Ewan McGregor doing what I did today x100.