May 21st, 2007


(no subject)

Aw, shit. The dvd drive on my laptop is fucked up. It's been weird for a while. It started as a very very slight popping/crackling, like a cd sounds when it's slightly scratched, which is what I assumed it was at first. But it's like that no matter what dvd I try, and if I rip it onto my computer and play it, it's fine. It's gotten worse, and now dvds are unwatchable. I took it into Best Buy, and they'll have to send it off, of course, which will take 2-3 weeks. Fuck. Damn it. God fucking damn it. So I'm backing up my drive now, and I'll take it in tomorrow.

I'll have internet access through work and school, but I wont be as reachable as I usually am.