May 22nd, 2007

boredom = mad at life

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I really just wanted to post one line of dialogue from my teacher today, but I need to explain first.

For those who dont know, the film school I go to is more like a vocational school than a degree program. It's 12 months, and in that time, each person in my class of 15 will have made 5 short films and crewed on an independent feature film that the school produces. We've done four, and now we're starting the next project which is either our final and longest (8-12 min) film, or we could forgo that in favor of getting more involved in making the full-length feature, which is what I've chosen, and I'm the only one who did. They're kinda lagging behind on planning it, so they havent been able to tell me much about what I'm going to be doing yet. Everyone else is writing their scripts, and I'm just kinda waiting.

I asked my teacher about what I should do, and she said in the meantime, until they figure it out, I should, "Read books, watch movies...." I'm sorry, but - LOL. I do nothing but.