October 12th, 2007

your life is ending

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Wednesday I worked from 3pm - 5am. I slept 6am - 2pm.
Thursday I worked 3pm - 5am. I slept 6am - 11am (getting up early to make phone calls).
Today I'm working at 2pm and probably won't get home until 3am or so.

It's funny - we ran into the 5pm rush hour traffic getting to the set, and the 6am rush hour traffic coming home.

Monday I'm getting up the asscrack of dawn to go up to Healdsburg to spend a week at a cabin and work another week's worth of 14-hr days.


(I'm serious, too... It's intense, but I really feel productive and a key part in getting this thing completed)

And my bike should be ready once I get back!! It'll be about $1100 (which is about half what she'd first told me - phew!) to fix everything but that includes a few things that were about due for replacement anyway.