December 7th, 2007

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The Golden Compass comes out today. This is going to change my life. Literally. When I introduce myself, people will actually recognize my name as a name, more often than they do now, at least (it's already started). The power of Hollywood.

So watch out for SERAFINA plastered on billboards and tvs near you!

Look! It's me!
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It's one of my top five of the year. Period. The acting was amazing - there was so much subtext under all the dialogue. Their mouths said one thing, their eyes said another - it made the emotions driving each of them hit so much harder. I'm pretty impressed with how well they told so much story in such little time - I can only imagine how much the book must've fleshed out the events. I'm usually disappointed with book-to-movie adaptations, but since I hadnt read the book, I wasnt comparing. I'm impressed. And in love with James McAvoy.