April 19th, 2008

buncha savages

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I bought my motorcycle in Feb '07 from someone on craigslist. The registration tags were expired and it was last registered in Wisconsin. Once I bought it, I registered it in CA, obviously.

When I tried to renew in Feb '08, they told me there had been a mixup and they had assigned me a license plate that was already assigned to someone else. They'd have to send all the papers to Sacramento to get sorted out. This could take 4-6 months ("but it doesn't usually take that long"). In the meantime, I cant renew my registration, so they gave me temporary tags that expired in April (they can only do temps 3mo at a time). They told me if I havent heard from them by then, to come in and renew my temp.

Today, I went to the DMV (this being the only Sat this month they're open) to get a new temp tag, since I hadnt heard from Sacramento. That's when I find out that Sacramento has absolutely no paperwork on my bike. They lost everything. "We have to start from scratch." I have to call Wisconsin for a duplicate title. In the meantime I have temp tags that expire in June.

I hate the DMV.

Now that I think about it, why do I have to call Wisconsin? They have fucked up twice. It should be their job to straighten this mess out.