May 27th, 2008

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I'm starting to get automated bday messages from every message board I signed up for ever. It's my annual reminder of all the forums I'd forgotten about.
your life is ending

i'm a humanist

Face to faith - It is vital that children are taught humanism's answers to life's 'ultimate questions', says Andrew Copson

The announcement that students on the OCR exam board's GCSE religious studies course will now study humanism is good news for balanced and objective education. But it is not just that the inclusion of humanism as a non-religious world-view is to be welcomed in itself; it is also significant in that the move - and the media's reaction to it - implies the acceptance of humanist beliefs and values as representing a coherent stance on life, with its own integrity.

... the answers given by humanists: that the basis of knowledge is reason, evidence and experience; that morality comes from our own selves as social beings; that happiness, meaning and fulfillment are our own to create through the joy of intellectual endeavour, of social action, of human relationships.