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QTA show

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...........That show kicked so much ass. I think I can dub it the best show I've ever been to. I didn't lose anything, and I didnt even spend any money. ANY money. How's that for kick ass? In fact, I made $3...hehe....Dick gave me $10 for the $7 admission and the cd I got inside was free...and i got a free demo-thing from another band...

Start at the beginning, sefra...okay...

We got there at about 645. Dick insisted on walking me all the way to the door. I told him I was going to be meeting people there, which was only a half a lie. He was about to wait until "my friends" got there, which would've been horrible, since I didnt even know if they were. Finally he left. They started letting people in, I think at about 715. One of the security guards yelled "Don't shoot noah!!!" which could've been really confusing if you didnt know it was a band. The line wasnt too long in front of me, but they were searching everyone, so it took some time for people to get in. I got in about 730, right before DSN started. they were okay.

at some point, i spotted jason (from qta) and i talked to him for a while.

The misplaced were alright. I got a demo from them for free afterwards. the falling process were pretty good (the bass player was awesome)

The big spank were....unusual... They all played in their boxers, no shirt, no shoes or socks and the singer kept humping everything while playing songs named things like "i'm horny" and "you fucking whore" and "virgin" etc.... But they did play their own ska version of "punk enough" by qta, which was cool....The launchpad doesnt allow stagediving or crowdsurfing, and thats probably a good thing considering how small it is. but the trombone player didnt know that, stagedove, and got kicked out...while his band was playing...that was hilarious. they let him back in pretty quickly, but it was still funny as hell. for their last song, the singer asked the crowd what they should play and someone yelled "AVRIL LAVIGNE!!" and the singer laughed and started singing a line or two from complicated. that was pretty funny. I got their setlist.

beerzone's singer gave me a bottle of water, which i later felt bad about cuz by the time qta went on, they were out of water....whoops...hehe... Anyway, beerzone's from the uk, and i'd heard of them before, but i hadnt heard anything by them. when the security guy said they only had 6 minutes left, the singer was like "what?!? only 6?" and jason from qta was standing nearby and the sweetheart he is, he gave them 5 minutes of qta's time.

Several people had written "qta" on their bodies with marker, but someone had also written "mosquito to moscow" which was weird, cuz, yeah, they're good, but they weren't playing... 3 shirtless guys each had "q" "t" and "a" really big on their chests. I met nikki, a girl i've been talking to online for a while and we unknowingly saw each other at the goldfinger show, and she even took a picture of matt signing something for me, but she didnt know it was me. anyway, yeah, i met her.

The crowd was crazy for qta. damn, i swear they could go so far if they didnt have to break up now. they sold out the launchpad. while setting up, the crowd kept chanting "qta! qta!" and in the middle of the set, between songs, we chanted again and the drummer drummed to the chanting. pretty amusing. i cant even describe it. it was the best show i've been to ever. olan had painted his face with what looked like blacklight paint, but they never used the blacklight. maybe that was after i left....grrrrr.... I saved jason's mic stand from falling over because he couldnt do anything about it since he was playing guitar. they let anyone onstage who wanted to for new age, and then later they had a (kinda) dance contest. 4 people from the audience and mark, qta's drummer. not surprisingly, mark won. :-) Jason's a crazy motherfucker. i had to leave in the middle of my burned flag...grrr.....

aaaaaahhhh....i had the kick ass-ing-est time ever. pictures in a later post.

on a separate note, dr pepper's red fusion tastes like someone dropped a cherry cough drop in some dr pepper. vanilla coke's better.

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