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my schedule

I got my schedule today. They forgot to give me chemistry, so I had to drop psychology to get it.

1st - french 2 - sylvester
2nd - test/career sem - ortiz (food and nutrition - johnson for second semester)
3rd - history - perez
4th - office aide

5th - chemistry - patterson
6th - english - walker
7th - computer science - mathieu
8th - algebra 2 - ezell

And 5 out of those 8 classes are weighted and worth 5.0 instead of 4.0 :-D

1st - 4th is an A day, 5th - 8th is a B day. All classes are 85 minutes. We have no zero hour, study hall etc... AND we have no lockers....stupid people....But we do only have one lunch, which is good, cuz it means I'll be with all my friends. And its 45 minutes instead of last year's 30. I have chemistry and algebra with lauren and juliana, and history with kira (maybe more, thats just what lauren remembered she had).

Oh, and I got my parking permit too. We have assigned spots, unlike last year. But it was free since I'm on the honor roll. I'm number 80. Not bad.

I got my ID yesterday when I was at the school for the student council meeting. I'm actually pleased with my picture. It doesnt look like a mug shot like most usually do.

The edge needs to stop advertising the adema show. it'll be full enough as it is. I know they'll sell out. The launchpad only holds a few hundred, if that. Probably less. Anyone know? I'm gonna find out.... Anyway, my point is, stop advertising it! Enough people will be there. I'll be lucky to get in as it is. Lauren and I are planning on leaving the minute school gets out, and we'll get there about 430 or 5. doors at 6, adema goes on at 7. phew.

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