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things actually happen!

I havent really written about what I actually do during the day....Contrary to popular belief, my whole life doesnt just consist of me sitting at the computer. I saw austin powers in goldmember... sunday night. not bad, i liked it.

Last night a bunch of people came over (kira caleb lauren and juliana) and we watched the vma's. even the preshow. started at 730. my mom wasnt home last night and I told her everyone would be gone by 1030. i knew the show didnt end til midnight but shhhhh. lauren left pretty early, like at 1030, kira and caleb left at about 1130, and juliana stayed until about 1145...i think. they would've stayed longer but our licenses dont let us drive after 12. stupid provisionals.....

we made fun of everyone at the vmas. except jimmy fallon. he's awesome. kira and caleb were sad that soad didnt win, but i was happy with linkin park. umm...what else. we all laughed at jimmy being avril. caleb: "he plays guitar just like she does!" me: "not?" caleb: "yep" Kira doesnt like avril because she the (correct) french way to say it is "ah-VREEEL" instead of "AA-vril"

when caleb called me earlier, he complained to me about the fact that his new sound card kept freezing his computer. he was going to try it on joby's computer to see if it was just his computer's fault. when they came over, he walked in the door pouting and said in a pitiful voice "the sound card works on joby's computer"....he's so cute sometimes....damn it....

Kira picked up a free sparta sampler. she listened to it and gave it to me because she thought it sounded like something i'd like. friends know me too well...

I need to go to the store...dammit....

Damn rain makes it impossible for me to skate. It's stopped, but the sidewalks are still wet. Damn it.

Haha...I misspelled "laughed" as "alguhed"....I think that should be a word.

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