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Tristine informs me that even if the fire marshal doesnt pass the school on tuesday, school will start anyway, because they're not allowed to delay it any more. Here's what will happen. We'll go to the middle school. High schoolers will be there 630 - noon, and middle schoolers will have it noon - 6. Thats great, I'd love to be done with school by noon everyday. But it would suck SO MUCH ASS to be at school at 630am. That means i'd have to get up at like 5. ACKDSFDIOJDSKLFJDSIO!!!!!

Juliana had a "party" this evening. I put it in quotes because our parties are never any different from when we just get together and hang out. Except there was more people. Kira, caleb, ali, emmy, lauren, juliana, joby and tristine. I got there at about 615, lauren and emmy were already there. everyone else got there not long after. we just sat on julianas couch and talked until about 8 then we decided to watch life as a house. hayden christiansen is seriously hot in that movie. especially at the beginning with his dark clothes and makeup...why do i like guys in makeup? he wasnt as cute in star wars, though.

Ali's birthday is tomorrow. We're friends, maybe not as close as we could be, but good enough. She didnt invite me to her birthday last year, and I hadnt heard anything about one this year. Either she's not inviting me again, or she's not having one. Either way, I decided to be nice and get her something and give it to her when i saw her tonight. I got one of those mini, foil balloons on a stick that says happy birthday and a card. simple but nice. I gave it to her and she got really happy ("people remembered!!! wow!!!") and i think mentioned something about not having a party, and lauren had brought her a gift, too, so I'm gonna assume she's just not having one. it wouldnt surprise me.

I WILL get up at 9 tomorrow if it kills me.

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