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More about Signs.
While watching the movie, i SWEAR there were white flashing lights under the whole row of seats in front of me. I dont know what the hell they was weird...

WARNING: spoilers...
Who else was mad when the alien at the end didnt fight back?!? I thought they were "hostile"?!? That made me mad...

I hate it when movies depict aliens with the basic human shape (ie a head with two eyes, a nose and mouth, two legs with feet and toes, two arms with hands and fingers) and I kind of expected more from m night, but...oh well...

It was good, though. I guess you could call it scary, but I guess scary movies dont affect me like they do other people. I havent had a nightmare since I can remember, which helps. I dont know, maybe I'm just good at differentiating fact from fiction? ;-) lol
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