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orientation/new friend/bigass watermelons

Freshman orientation was today. Boring piece of shit-crap. It was just a 3-hour assembly. But we got doughnuts. :-) And we made a new friend. Emily found this guy there and after talking to him, found out that he's a senior who just moved here from Germany with his brother. Nifty. It was smart of him to go to the freshamn orientation, though, since, otherwise, they'd expect you to know everything. Anyway, he looked so lonely sitting all by himself in the bleachers (we student council people got to sit on the stage...everyone else in the bleachers....faculty in chairs in between), so during our little break time thing, emily brought him over and introduced us all. his name's raphael. he's really nice, too. we were all kinda hyper, though...i hope we didnt scare

I know a lot more freshmen-to-be than I realized. I saw melissa, gavin, baryl, the zeko's, and a whole bunch of ex-cs'ers.
That whole thing ended at about 1230, and me, lauren, juliana, katrina, ali and emily all went to subway for lunch. we invited raphael, but he didnt want to. damn. we were done about 145. Then I took katrina home and lauren gave juliana a ride and we three went to my house and hung out until about 530.

My mom's friends are out of town, and they own this little "garden" thing that has watermelons, chilis, corn, all kinds of squash, etc... and they told all their friends (us) to go over there and pick whatever we wanted. Sunday evening, mom and I drove out there (just about 10 minutes out of town) and got 3 watermelons (huge ones, about 20 pounds each), 2 pumpkins, and a bunch of beans. LAst night when people came over, I gave one watermelon to lauren and one to kira. Today, mom cut me, juliana and lauren one, and when I took juliana home at 530, we stopped by their place again and got juliana a watermelon.
Who else hates American Idol? Kira made me watch it one time, and I didnt really care for it. I hate all this hype surrounding it, though. The two finalists were on trl the other day, they made the cover of our local tv guide, and now they're on my aol welcome screen. The guy looks like a girl.
School starts tomorrow. Fuck. I suppose I really should skim through the cliff notes of the 4 summer reading books I ignored all summer....

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