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Juliana made me watch 7th heaven today. I saw a face that I thought looked familiar and I was right!! He's so cute. That sharpie commercial is hilarious...

A cookie to anyone who can help me figure out how old he is.
I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound unpatriotic or anything, and I'm almost afraid to say this. I hate it when newscasters or whoever say "After 9/11, no American's life will ever be the same again." I'm sorry, but my life hasn't changed one bit. Except for not being able to watch bill maher anymore, that is... I know probably thousands of peoples' lives were changed, and those people never will forget 9/11, but please don't speak for the whole nation. I was lucky enough not to know anyone in NY at the time, and lucky enough to live in a crappy town where no one moves away from, thus resulting in families living close together (did that make sense?). And I'm sorry, but get over it. BEfore you get mad, what I mean by get over it, is, stop hogging the media with stories about it. I, in no way, expect those who lost people to get over it, and even some who hadn't, but I don't need to be reminded constantly about it. Things would be a lot happier if I could just once turn on the TV without seeing an ad for some show about it, glance at my kitchen table without seeing TIME, with a huge picture of the TT on the cover, etc... Please don't hurt me.
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