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Mom and I went to abq today. We stopped by Evolution body piercing so mom could check the place out. mom seemed pretty satisfied, so we'll go back in a few weeks to get it done. I have to pay for it myself, though. It'll be about $30-35, not bad. I just now talked to megan, and she said she's wanted to get her upper ear pierced too, so we might do it together. that would kick ass. :-)

I got 2 pairs of new shoes. :-) The sales guy there saw my unwritten law shirt and we talked about them and how it sucked they had to cancel their show here next week. That was the show that I passed up for Adema which was the same night. I guess I made a good choice. :-)

I stopped by and gave laura her birthday present. :-)

I stopped by the edge and got another edgehead card (I lost my first one).
Fuck the mighty mighty bosstones, bigwig and simple plan. Fuck GlassJAw, blood brother, and american nightmare. Fuck Autopilot Off. Fuck Midtown, recover, and taking back sunday. Fuck Yellowcard, no use for a name, and the eyeliners. Um...Yeah...New Mexico is still on the map, isn't it? Just checking...Oh yeah, fuck mest, too. damn them, i thought they were cool (as in, they come here a lot). cky isn't coming either, but I think there might be more dates to be announced.
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